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Microsoft Access database recovery tool

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Recovery Toolbox for Access

Recovery Toolbox for Access repair tool for damaged MDB and ACCDB files

How to repair an Access database

The manual for the recovery of a corrupted Microsoft Access database from damaged *.mdb or *.accdb files:

  1. Download Recovery Toolbox for Access from here:
  2. Select a source file to repair
  3. Preview the structure of the data and the data extracted from the damaged database file
  4. Select a file for saving the previously extracted data
  5. Press the Recover button
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How to recover a corrupted Access database

Recovery Toolbox for Access has been developed for the recovery of data and structures from corrupted Microsoft Access databases. The MS Access recovery tool is capable of repairing MDB and ACCDB database files.

Recovery Toolbox for Access can extract data and structures from damaged *.mdb/*.accdb files and help repair incorrect Microsoft Access data files (*.mdb, *.accdb):

  • Recover corrupted tables
  • Recover data from damaged tables
  • Recover primary and foreign keys and indexes
  • Recover indexes
  • Recover Viewers (exclude Viewers from Forms and Reports)
  • Recover Queries
  • Recover deleted tables
  • Recover deleted records into a separate tables
  • Preview of recovered data, structures and scripts
  • Support recovery of Unicode data
  • Recovery Access database queries except the ones used in reports and forms
  • Support recovering Access databases starting from 2003 version and higher (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 versions)
  • MDB Viewer Tool
  • Identifies and displays damaged Microsoft Access databases
  • Displays contents of corrupted Access tables
  • Displays SQL scripts of queries and indexes from incorrect MDB files

The Access file repair software does not recover:

  • forms;
  • macros;
  • modules;
  • password protected files.

How to see Microsoft Access deleted records

Recovery Toolbox for Access opens any DB version in Microsoft Access to access undelete records and objects. Besides this, there is a possibility to recover the whole database, in case it was somehow damaged. To do this task, when MS Access record is deleted, do the following:

  1. Download the program using the link:
  2. Click on the downloaded file and deploy the software
  3. Use the shortcut of Recovery Toolbox for Access to access the application, it is on the desktop
  4. Choose the following mode Recover only deleted objects
  5. Click Recover for MS Access undo

If you need to undelete Access records and restore not only deleted objects, but the whole DB in Microsoft Access, choose another mode: Recover all objects.

The option of MS Access deleted restore works with any version of Access DB. Use it when Microsoft Access record is deleted to get back valuable data.

Free MDB File Viewer

Recovery Toolbox for Access is very convenient to use for viewing the contents of a damaged .mdb or .accdb file. The tool allows you to review the contents of a damaged Microsoft Access database for free an unlimited number of times, including:

  • Viewing Access tables
  • Viewing data inside Access tables
  • Viewing the structure of a damaged Microsoft Access database
  • Viewing Microsoft Access database objects, or rather review SQL scripts for creating objects inside the database
  • Viewing SQL scripts for building internal and external indexes in the database

How to Open a Corrupted MDB File for Free

Recovery Toolbox for Access allows you to open a damaged MDB file in a Microsoft Access database and display all the data - spreadsheets, structures, objects, and indexes - from a .mdb / .accdb file.

How to Recover a Microsoft Access Database After Corruption

To restore data from a damaged MS Access database, you can use the latest backup or try to use Recovery Toolbox for Access. With a high probability, Recovery Toolbox for Access can return .mdb/.accdb files to their original state before corruption. To test this statement, it is necessary to:

  • Download, install, and run the DEMO version of Recovery Toolbox for Access.
  • Select a damaged .mdb/.accdb file.
  • Run an analysis of the damaged database.
  • Review recovered data.
  • Select a new file name to save the recovered data.
  • Choose what data you want to save.
  • Save data - available in the full version.

How to Fix an MDB File

If you need to quickly fix the MDB file of a damaged MS Access database, then Recovery Toolbox for Access will allow you to do this in a couple of clicks. MDB files can be fixed by copying and fixing data from the damaged .mdb / .accdb file to a new .mdb file. The tool doesn’t fix or modify the existing MDB file. All data transfers to a new file.


  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 and above
  • Microsoft Access 2003 or higher installed


Yes, Recovery Toolbox for Access allows you to recover deleted records and save them in separate tables.


Yes, Recovery Toolbox for Access allows you to recover deleted objects and data. You must select the appropriate option before saving the recovered data into a new database.

Please select a damaged Microsoft Access file on first page of repair wizard in Recovery Toolbox Access:

Program will read and analyze a damaged file a several minutes. Later you can see:

  • Tables (structure (as SQL script), indexes (as SQL script) and records)
  • Queries (as SQL script)
  • Relations (as SQL script)

Select path to save a recovered data:

Press on Recover button:

Selecting a source file for further processing

Preview of the structure of the data extracted from the damaged database file

Selecting a file for saving the previously extracted data

Viewing the final recovery report

Customer's reviews and ratings:
Francis 07-18-2022

The recovery tool was able to restart the database and to give me access to the Data. Unfortunetaly the primary and foreign keys and indexes were not recovered (name changed) and the Database was not functionnal at all. I had to take the Data from the recovery and to reimport them in a previous backup. So I am a little disapointed even if restoring has avoided several hours of work

f 11-10-2021

it can repair Access 2007 MDB file well

Camryn Vargas 04-07-2021

Write on the Errors page that you can fix the "Invalid argument" error. First I installed the demo version and waited for the preview (it took about 3 hours). After the data I saw, I bought a license and the program asked me to restart everything again. In general, I spent 6-7 hours, when it could be done 3 hours faster.

Christine Erickson 03-22-2021

The software helped me repair my Access 2007 DB. Simple steps to fix. I recommend

Bookstaff 02-08-2021

Even the portable version of the program was not useful, as the online repairing quickly fixed the errors of the .accdb file.

Omicron 01-13-2021

The program checked the file and fixed errors in it. If I could select the tables I needed, I would probably spend less time repairing the file. Think about it

Quatrefoil 12-28-2020

MS Access unable to read the .MDF file which was modified less than an hour ago. The breakdown occurred due to a change in the form and in part of the logic in macros. After repaired, I was left without a form and macros :D, but with a working file.

Kamryn Salvador 12-15-2020

Can't use this Microsoft Access for big projects, it always breaks, problems with save the .mdb file correctly. If not for you, I probably would not have been able to pass my term paper at the university. My database broke at the last moment, when there was a week left before the project was delivered. Thanks for repairing

Jenesis Nathan 08-10-2020

My .mdb file needs some errors fixes. I'm lucky that you can repair any version of Access file. I have Access 2007, I was able to fix the corrupted file

AtomyZyrian 08-01-2020

Access displays an error message when trying to open a database, and most importantly, the error is not written in Latin, but in some incomprehensible hieroglyphs. The base does not respond to the queries, even through macros. I was advised your program on the Access forum. The demo version of the program repairs the database, but I have not decided to buy yet, since it does not fix its forms.

Osmold Seyyr 06-29-2020

To fix error "3197 no table found" in Access, I had to spend a lot of time for repair MS Access database by online.

Aardwolf 06-15-2020

After VB coding, my query broke .MDF file. While I try to open file, Access reports error "Query 'turists" is corrupt" and other tables also corrupted. I used step-by-step instruction for recover but for unknown reason, in some cells in table missing data.

Georgic 06-01-2020

MS Access 2003 crashes with a critical error into the system because the form has stopped working. In VBA, forms open, but when you save, the result is the same. I decided to restore and redo everything in MS Access 2010 so that there was a .ACCDB format, but when fixing the file, I could not restore the last form from 7. As a result, I had to pick it up and manually register it in MS Access 2010 with VBA code.

Demitasse 05-13-2020

I was looking for a program to restore Access on Windows 32-bit for a long time. The program restored all forms in the .MDB file, but in the "register" and "enter" forms, the password fields were replaced with a simple text field.

TinQuick 04-06-2020

Fixing Access 2007 database with "Compact and Repair Database" command doesn't work any more. As it turned out, the file was just corrupted. After restoring my .ACCDB file, everything worked, the main thing is that the forms did not recover, but the database is in good condition. Thanks.

oakland 02-25-2020

Its really work, because I can repair the selected database from the deleted Access file which one I recover from hard disk. And $27 for repair damaged MS Access 2010 accdb file cheaper than I would give it to IT specialist. Good job!

KYLE34WORKER 01-15-2015

I had some dozens of corrupted .MDB files. I used Recovery Toolbox for Access, it restored them all for couple minutes. + Quite easy interface in comparison with other recovery tools for MS Access. - Tool is smart money, nothing in excess...

Daver 07-14-2013

Wonderful tool. I didn't expect such tremendous result. Tables, queries and data was restored by Recovery Toolbox for Access.